How to choose a baby carrier? Or 4 Tips on buying a baby carrier
Many novice parents are confused by the dazzling array of slings, wraps and carriers on the market, and don't know how to choose! One piece of fabric is a little complicated to put on and take off, and therefore it takes practice leaning how to wear properly at the beginning. It might make your impatient baby crying which will definitely drive you crazy. Compared with the sling or wraps, a structured carrier is more stable and faster to put on. Once mommy and daddy get a carrier, they can see how to use it correctly right away. Many parents say a baby carrier is the most important baby gear item.

That's because carriers offer tons of benefits, especially 4 on the following:

1. Free both of your hands Your hands and arms get a break from doing all the baby-holding work. It allows you to do other things while keeping your baby close. What’s even better is that you can adjust whenever necessary the wearing methods to meet the needs of going out and the age of your baby.

2. Good for health Wearing your baby with enough support for his legs and hip can stimulate the development of the spine more than lying on a bed or in a cradle. At the same time, a good carrier can make the baby fit tightly, and the legs are naturally in the hip-healthy "M" position.

3. Stimulate baby's senses Facing in position makes convenient to interact with the baby; while facing out makes curious babies able to peer out and much easier to obtain the sensory exploration and stimulation of the outside world.

4.Let Daddy in To make Dad happy to join the ranks of parenting, we must first give him good tools to make him more comfortable. If the carrier has been sublimated to the level of fashion accessories, it will be even more perfect!

Wearing baby is such a stylish and manly thing for a man. No matter which type of baby carriers you use, it is the primary prerequisite for your baby's healthy development. An easy-to-use, practical and durable carrier will always bring your baby close to you. Now wearing your baby to explore the world together!
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