Carry your child like a real man!
Choosing the wrong baby carrier can wreak havoc on your body, causing sore spots, shoulder discomfort and put excessive pressure on your waist and spine. Lumbar support is essential for your dexterity and the coordination of your whole body. Strength derives from your waist, and, without proper support, you will easily feel fatigued. Let the doctor- and professional-recommended QuokkaJoy baby carrier provide the support you need to properly carry your child.

Exclusively developed by QuokkaJoy, the patented 3D lumbar decompression system features thickened and widened shoulder straps to support and disperse vertical pressure to greatly relieve pressure on the spine and waist. You will still feel energized even after carrying your baby all day!

Most importantly, the 3D ergonomic backplate is tailor-made to ensure accurate alignment of the backplate for a close fit. This way you can move freely and unfettered without limiting your range of motion. Enjoy quality time with your baby without the burdens and restrictions of traditional baby carriers!
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